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Lots of cockroaches in your home or place of work is awful and disturbing. Materials for pest control can include fumigation, traps and poisons. Wee offer complete peace of mind. We will work to resolve your cockroaches problem.

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We understand that crawling cockroaches and insects in the property, house or a block of flats can create a lot of stress.

Often irritating and hard to exterminate, it's best to depend on expert exterminators to take care of the nuisance effectively.

Highly recognised for our deterrent and infestation control results, our cutting edge service is often the leading choice for residents and tenants in Burn's Green, Markyate and Wigginton.

PEH is a trusted, a reliable eco heat treatment and fumigation provider for cockroaches removal in Hertfordshire.

How you can get rid of cockroaches for good

Clear signs of a cockroach invaded house, home or offices can be gruelling to identify. Unmistakable signs include droppings, smear marks or an unusual odour.

Cockroaches are nocturnal pests that only appear at night and hide in cracks and crevices during the day. This type of insect infestation mostly occur in bathrooms, basements and drains.

When it comes to removing these type of insects and from your home, it's key that you act super immediate in order to protect your property from any damage.

We remove all cockroaches including: German cockroaches, smoky brown cockroach and Madagascar hissing cockroach using cockroach bait in indoor areas (both residential and commercial) that is safe and an efficient.

Trust Pest Exterminators to take care of your infected home or commercial building.

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Act instantly if you suspect an infestation - chat with a pest control professional and call us straight away to prevent further dilemmas.

Expert help 24/7

Our locally based BPCA Trusted specialists can arrive and check your house, home or restaurants within the same-day.

telephone us now on 01727 613619 and we will come back to you within hours with a quote that's tailored to your cockroaches dilemma.

We work with homeowners and agents, for residential and commercial cockroaches removal.

PEH (Herts) offer:

  • Eco heat treatments
  • Property fumigation
  • Free site surveys
  • Consultancy services
  • Longer-term pest contracts

Fast Process

  • Step 1. After you contact us we arrange a site visit to your home or property in Herts within 24-hours. A member of our reliable team will assess the building for signs of cockroaches. They'll explain the most effective and long lasting treatment needed to eliminate the cockroaches and clear your infected property in Burn's Green.
  • Step 2. Your friendly exterminator will remove any current traces of the cockroaches, and begin to treat the infected area using safe treatment methods. If needed, traps will be placed around the home too.
  • Step 3. We'll schedule another appointment to revisit your home. We'll search the current situation and clear any dead cockroaches. Afterwards, prevention measures will be put in place, blocking any identified accessible entry points. This will prevent further intrusion.


Contact us on 01727 613619 or book a pest controller here, and a member of our experienced team will visit your home or property same-day. We will help you get your cockroaches issue resolved as fast as we can, normally same day.

We also offer commercial contracts to healthcare and hospitals for 24 hour cockroach control in Burn's Green, Wandon End and Royston. Pest Exterminators Hertfordshire carries out regular reviews of the COSHH Regulations 2002 and ensures all our documentation is current.