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rodent infestations can be one of the most infuriating and hard to get rid of without the intervention of professional assistance.

As rodent also carry many dangerous diseases (like salmonella and leptospirosis), they can pose a health risk to residents and tenants. Therefore, it's vital to deal with the dilemma instantly.

Don't panic! Trusted for our inexpensive mole control and trapping results, our dedicated service is highly-rated and leaves tenants in Hemel Hempstead, The Camp and Dudswell feeling pleased and relieved.

Get rid of and eliminate rodent long-term

Extermination specialists: removing field and house moles.

Not only do moles carry diseases, but their gnawing habits tend to cause damage to homes, properties, offices and place of work, costing residents further money.

PEH (Herts) provide free site surveys to search the severity of your rodent predicament, before ridding you of it.

Our Trustworthy, qualified employees like Grace are equipped and trained.

So, for our BPCA Dependable experts, eliminating rodent is fast and easy.

For the specialists, dispatching indoor rodent infestations is an easy and simple process.

Remove moles today

It's likely we can catch and remove all the rodents/rodent in one or two visits to your home in Hemel Hempstead

Before we carry progress with our infestation control, we evaluate the house to conclude how moles may be entering your home or a block of flats.

This will help us to prevent this nuisance from reoccurring again in the future.

Our most low cost and an efficient solutions include fogging, fumigation, chemical spraying and smoke treatments.

We work with homeowners and agents, for residential and commercial rodent removal. 

3 Steps to a rodent free home

At PEH Ltd, our team of specialists follow and carry out an effective service that promises a 93.25% success rate on our first visit.

  • Step 1. After you contact us we arrange a site visit to your property or house in Herts within 24-hours. A member of our dependable team will check the building for signs of rodent. They'll explain the most suitable work needed to remove the rodent and clear your invaded home in Hemel Hempstead.
  • Step 2. Your trusted pest professional will remove any current traces of the rodent, and begin to treat the infected area using safe and eco-friendly treatment methods. If needed, traps will be placed around the building too.
  • Step 3. We'll schedule another appointment to return your home. We'll assess the current situation and clear any dead rodent. Afterwards, prevention measures will be put in place, blocking any identified accessible entry points. This will protect your property from further intrusion.

Payment can be made by cash, credit card or debit card. Please call 01727 613619.


Speak to us on 01727 613619 or book a pest controller here, and a member of our friendly team will visit your property or property same-day. You can call us any time and schedule emergency treatment. Our customer care team is available 24/7.



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