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rodent and rat infestations can cause a lot of stress for tenants and residents due to extensive damage they can cause to houses and their frightful nature.

Rats can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to homes and offices.

But don't worry! Trusted for our affordable mole control and trapping results, our knowledgeable service is highly-rated and leaves tenants in Nasty, Norton Green and Oakfield feeling overjoyed and relieved.

Identifying your rat dilemma

Tell-tale signs include droppings, marks, gnaw marked items like wires, rat holes, footprints and nests.

Rats tend to hide in out of sight locations in the home or warehouses such as decking, sheds behind appliances and gaps in the pipe work.

When it comes to searching outside of your property make sure to check wardrobes, basements, under beds etc.

Rat control for properties and businesses: Remove them same-day!

If you think you have a rat predicament contact us now so we can help you control whatever level of rodent infestation you are experiencing.

Rats are dirty rodents that like mice, carry multiple diseases. For our business customers, this is especially fundamental as your factories or restaurants could be closed due to health and safety concerns.

rely on only technicians.

Our Certified, trained employees like Alan are fully equipped and straight away available. For our BPCA Trustworthy specialists, dispatching rodent is fast (emergency) and easy.

PEH (Herts) uses an effective treatments including:

  • Rodenticide experts: a reliable rat baits
  • Rodent odour control (to mask smells associated with mice and rats)
  • Fumigation
  • Rat poison

We work with homeowners and agents, for residential and commercial rodent removal as well as offering free site surveys.

How does it work

  • Step 1. After you contact us we arrange a site visit to your property or house in Herts within 24-hours. A member of our trustworthy team will assess the building for signs of rodent. They'll explain the fastest and most inexpensive treatment needed to get rid of the rodent and clear your infected home in Nasty.
  • Step 2. Your experienced and certified specialist will remove any current traces of the rodent, and begin to treat the invaded area using certified and discreet treatment methods. If needed, traps will be placed around the building too.
  • Step 3. We'll schedule another appointment to return your building. We'll search the current situation and clear any dead rodent. Afterwards, deterrent measures will be put in place, blocking any identified accessible entry points. This will deter further intrusion.


We know how to get rid of pests instant

PEH Ltd has provided trusted pest control for SG11 since 1994

Customer-oriented and dedicated. At Pest Exterminators Hertfordshire, we're committed in providing homeowners or residents with an efficient pest treatments. We promise to eliminate mole control in Nasty.

Our team of experts are trained to evaluate the severity of your invaded property and carry out a 100% removal of other rodents, rats and mice.


We are determined to use our expertise in dealing with pest problems for commercial and residential properties.

This includes home and house. Our pest services are also available for place of work, schools and commercial building.

  • Fixed prices on pest removal
  • Free quotes in under an hour
  • pest control inspections: free, Non-Obligation Pest Control Quotes Available

Pest Exterminators takes great pride in the friendly experience we offer to residents in Nasty. Whether you need us on weekdays or weekends, you can be confident that PEH is here to help you today. If you're are searching for an reliable pest service, then you've found the right team of technicians.


Speak to us on 01727 613619 or book a pest controller here, and a member of our dependable team will visit your home or home immediately. You can schedule a visit on the same day for emergency treatment to get rid of rodent. Appointments on weekends, evenings and Bank holidays can also be arranged.

We also offer commercial contracts to charities and gyms for rat terminators in Nasty, Flamstead End and Green Tye. PEH Ltd carries out regular reviews of the COSHH Regulations 2002 and ensures all our documentation is current.